Hello Jackets! My name is London Ackermann. I am a third year business major and I play for the Georgia Tech volleyball team. As an effort to create relationships amongst student-athletes, as well as share a little about ourselves with the GT community, I decided to create a blog. Many of you have seen #GTA4A, but for those who haven’t, it stands for Georgia Tech Athletes for Athletes! This semester I have teamed up with Professor Dori Pap, a Scheller College of Business professor and former volleyball player, to promote and research how to increase the support of student-athletes on and off the field/court/pool/etc. To introduce this blog I have decided to ask a player from each team to provide a short, unique description about what #GTA4A means to them.


(click links below)

What does GTA4A mean to us?

GTA4A featuring Annika Van Gunst

GTA4A featuring Chris Petefish


4 thoughts on “GTA4A

  1. What an incredible idea! You have a great future as an entrepreneur with ideas like this! goodness knows we didn’t have a lot of support 20 years ago, so I’m happy to listen & share!

    Terri Bolden Ward, Letterwinner 1994-1997, Softball

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