GTA4A featuring Chris Petefish

GTA4A featuring Chris Petefish


My name is Chris Petefish and I am a sophomore on the Georgia Tech golf team. I am from Danville, California and currently pursuing a business degree. The GTA4A initiative was created to generate more support for fellow student-athletes. I believe it is great for student-athletes to show support for each other at games, whether that is basketball games, tennis matches, or volleyball games. All the Georgia Tech student-athletes work hard at their sport and it should be our goal as student-athletes and as a student body to create the best home field advantage possible.

Q & A

My nickname is: Petey
Most people don’t know this about me but: I really enjoy photography.
My favorite dessert:  Chocolate ice cream
My favorite sports memory is: Winning ACC’s (Spring 2015)ACC golf (1)

Funniest memory from GT golf: Vince attempting to hula dance at a luau

The app I use the most is: Twitter
On twitter my favorite person to follow is: @notsportscenter
I can’t imagine going a week without: Bread
I have to admit, I’m really good at:  messing up common catch phrases and sayings.

“I wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed”

(What he means to say is, “I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed”)

“Bright and shining armor”

(Did you mean,”Knight and shining armor?”)

–(Thanks James Clark)
I chose Georgia Tech because: of the legacy of the golf team and outstanding academics.
If I wasn’t a golfer I would play: Professional Ping-Pong

Three words to describe me: Responsible, easy-going, devoted

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Featured in video: Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer Women’s Tennis , Chris Eubanks Men’s Tennis , KeShun Freeman Football 


GTA4A featuring Annika Van Gunst

FeaturedGTA4A featuring Annika Van Gunst

Hi everyone! My name is Annika Van Gunst and I am finishing up my third year here at Georgia Tech with hopes of graduating in 2017 with a degree in mechanical engineering. I’m also extremely blessed to be a member of the women’s volleyball team. As I’m nearing the end of my collegiate athletic career and reflect on my playing experience so far, I can’t help but smile with an overwhelming pride when I see fellow student-athletes present in the stands or arenas of various sporting events. The atmosphere of a competition automatically switches when student-athletes recognize the faces of their greatest supporters, fellow students-athletes who struggle beside them in the classroom, yet crack jokes with them while standing in line for food in the dining ha10689680_10101452199367749_8322515128359183927_nll. Personally, two of the greatest highlights from this past season on the volleyball court were when the swimming and diving team showed up in full force to cheer us on in our first home match of the season, and seeing the women’s basketball team’s dedicated support at nearly every home game for the entire season. Georgia Tech Athletes for Athletes (GTA4A) has been a main proponent in advocating the difference it makes to each and every student athlete when they look around at their competition and see friends and supporters from other sports teams. GTA4A unifies and unites student-athletes across all sports, stereotypes, and genders and brings us together with a single intention to love and support one another in our diverse athletic endeavors. The Georgia Tech student-athletes have become a family, a rare and beautiful quality.

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